Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My dear, dear friend, Lawna, who lives across the street from me told me the funniest story yesterday about my Jack-Truck.  I've got to keep this in my memory forever!

So, we all know that John owns his landscape maintenance business.  He works for many people within our ward boundaries, as well as many friends.  Lawna and Harry are in both of those categories.  John has been maintaining their yard for a few years now.  Earlier this month, their grown son needed extra money so they offered for him to mow--which he did once.  Then Harry covered for him and mowed the lawn, and finally, Lawna mowed the lawn.  One afternoon, Jack sees Lawna out mowing her own lawn when Jack races down right to the end of the driveway and stops.  When he gets a chance he yells over to her

"Hey, my dad is supposed to mow your lawn!"  Lawna said that Jack meant business!  

Apparently, Jack is our customer retention specialist.  Now, John is back on the job.  

Jack cracks me up.
We are officially total white trash.  A few weeks ago, John was practically "given" a 1981 Winnebago!  It is so hilarious-and SO something that I would not be caught dead in!  Well, hold your pants on, because I have been in it--and LOTS!

It all started a few weekends ago when we went to a camping area in Lehi with John's dad and family.  It was a lot of fun, especially for just an overnighter!  Jordann, Chris, Angela, Doug, and my cute husband were hilarious. We even had so much fun that we planned another trip with them! (and a trip to the cabin, might I add!)  This picture is so funny because with the smoke from the fire, it makes the motor home look as creepy as it sounds!

Honestly, I was just glad to have a bed, not in a tent!  The cabin has spoiled me too much, and now I am a snob!  Who camps, anyways?

This last weekend, we loaded up again and took the kids to Lagoon.  We stayed at the camp sites right next to the park.  It was a ball!  Logan is just tall enough to ride EVERY big ride, and just the perfect height to still be able to ride most of the kiddie rides.  She went with John at the very end of the trip on Wicked (probably my new favorite ride there!)  She (and Jensyn) both went on Spider.  Logan's favorite ride continues to be Colossus.  She is so brave!  Jack rode the Tidal Wave and Oddysea.  Whenever he rode a ride that got him wet, he would walk over to John and say "No me like getting wet!"  They must take after their father.  I think getting wet is refreshing on those hot sultry days at amusement parks!  (ha ha.  I just looked up the definition of sultry--sensual: sexually exciting or gratifying; "sensual excesses"; "a sultry look"; "a sultry dance")  I wanted to use a smart word!  Here's another definition, which is what came to my mind!  hot and humid; very hot and dry; torrid.  Sometimes I make myself laugh.

We had a blast with my cute little family, nonetheless.  Casey, Bailey, and Boston as well as Kirt, Leslie, and Grace-  graced us with their presence.  I think that fun was had by all!

At least he didn't get wet on this ride.  I would have heard about it!

At 5 years and 4 months:  46 + inches tall.  Tall enough to ride Colossus (but didn't), Spider (did).  She was afraid, but she did well for her first time!

Logan will ride anything.  She is very even-kill with her personality, but I still think she had a fun time!

My 'chocolate-chip' eyed boy!

I'm just grateful for the experiences and the time that I have with my family!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fathers Day

Any man can be a Father, but it takes someone special to be a Dad.

Happy Fathers Day, John!  What an amazing Daddy you are!  These 4 little babies love you so much!  All day, while you are at work, Jack says to me:

"Mom, Dad will pick me up, huh Mom?"

Jack knows that John works, and works, and works.  He also knows that at the end of the day, when most dads come home for the night, John goes back out.  What is fun, is he takes the kids out with him!  This is always an adventure for them, and they love it!  

I am so glad for a WONDERFUL husband who would do anything for us, his family.  He is so kind-hearted, easy going, and the hardest worker that I have ever met.  Nobody can compare!

We love you, John!

Did I Really Forget St. Patricks Day?

We SO love St. Patty's Day around here.  They play such silly tricks on us, but they bring us lots of goodies, too!  We celebrated with a dinner and lots of green.  The Leprechauns left a huge bouquet of balloons on our front porch to welcome the kids home from school.   Any reason to celebrate is good enough for us!

Face Painting

For the last MANY MANY years, my mom has an end-of-the-month Sunday dinners.  They are always so delish!  We are lucky enough to have cute Sadie paint the kids' faces almost every time!  Check this out!  These are no ordinary parties!  Not bad for a 6th grader!