Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hansen Family Pictures

I just love my family!  These pictures are LONG overdue.  The last ones that were taken, was clear back before Logan was born!  My family makes me laugh.

My beautiful mom and dad!

Here's the Hansen family!

Halloween 2010

What a fun time of year it is!  Once October comes, I feel like it is the kick off for 'the Holidays.'  I absolutely love this time of year.  I don't know if the whole 32 pounds of candy (I am not kidding) was a good idea, but I would say that they did good!  With Halloween being on a Sunday, I loved how it was spread over a few days!  Friday, Casey invited my family to go down to her law firm that she works at and do trick or treating there.  It was down at the 'Copper Top Tester' building (the Wells Fargo Building, downtown).  They have like 4 complete floors just for her firm.  It was great fun to dress up the kids and be nice and warm, as well!  Some of the employees there really went out of their way for some fun office decorating.

These kids are getting ready to go up the elevator to the first floor.  They have no idea what awaits them!

From the Law Firm!  What a display, and what a darling gift!

Jensyn aka "Jessie" from Toy Story

Jessie and John

My sweetie

A Spider Witch

A Prisoner and her girls.

My family

A yummy hamburger and me.

We finished and dashed quickly back home to 'freshen' up and then jumped back in the car to go to John's dads' ward for Trunk-or-Treating.  John decorated Hillbilly Deluxe much to his dad's disapproval.

She takes the best pictures!
I thought this was cute-the way Jack is looking at Jensyn.
Madden and his best buddy, Boston.

Honestly, he is my very best friend!
On Saturday, our own neighborhood had it's first annual Trunk-or-Treat.  Before that started, they had a tractor parade.  It was definitely rainy, but it was a blast!  After that, we delighted ourselves with heading over to the beloved Wright's house for some homemade doughnuts and root beer.  That will be a sad day when they abandon that tradition.  They are amazing people.

Yes, they are as good as they look!
We had a wonderful Halloween this year!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Cute Story on Gratitude

          A long time ago in a faraway village lived a man who everyone did their very best to avoid. He was the type of person who believed that there was only one competent person in the world, and that one person was himself. Consequently, he was never satisfied with anything. His shoes never fit right. His shirt never felt comfortable. When his food wasn’t too cold, it was too salty, and when it wasn’t too hot, it was too bland.
If a field wasn’t sowed by himself, it was not sowed well. If he didn’t close the door, the door was not closed properly.
In short, he made a career of frowning, lecturing, criticizing, and mumbling about the incompetencies of every other person in the rest of the world.
Unfortunately, the man was married, which made matters all the worse. No matter what his wife did, in his eyes it was wrong. No matter what the unfortunate woman cooked, sewed, or cleaned—or even when she milked the cow—it was never satisfactory, and he let her know it.
She tried very hard to be a good wife, but it seemed the harder she tried, the less she pleased him. Finally, one evening she could take no more.
“I’ll tell you what we’ll do,” she told him. “Tomorrow I will do your chores and you will do mine.”
“But you can’t do my chores,” the man replied. “You don’t know the first thing about sowing, hoeing, and irrigating.”
But the woman was adamant. And on top of that, she was filled with a righteous anger that frankly astonished and frightened the man to the point where he didn’t dare disagree.
So the next morning the wife went off to the fields and the man began the domestic chores. After thinking about it, he had actually convinced himself he was looking forward to it. Once and for all, he would demonstrate to his wife how things should be done.
Unfortunately, not everything went according to plan. In fact, nearly everything the man touched turned into disaster. He spilled the milk, let the pig get into the house, lost the cow, burned the dinner, and ultimately set the house on fire, narrowly escaping with his own life.
When his wife returned, she discovered her husband sitting on a pile of ashes, smoke still rising from his clothes. But the woman wasn’t the type to rub things in. She helped him up, wiped the soot from his beard, fixed him a little something to eat, and then prepared a bed of straw for them to sleep on.
From that day forward, the man never complained about anyone or anything else for as long as he lived.