Tuesday, April 21, 2009


And finally...Easter! 

The Easter Bunny did indeed make a stop to the McAllister home.  He left all of his eggs outside! John tried again unsuccessfully to catch the Easter Bunny, but all that he caught was a little bit of his fur which was stuck in the door!  What a fast bunny!  The kids had a ball searching for all of the 150 eggs that were left for them, and plus, they even got some pretty cute clothes!  Jack loved searching and putting the eggs in his bucket.  I love the excitement of a child.  

 We had a very nice Easter which we spent with my family in Logan.  We ate lots of yummy food and spent the afternoon in the sun!  It really was fabulous.  We were able to talk to my awesome Grandparents.  They really are the most wonderful people that I know!!  I am so glad that I still have them in my life!  

Right after we got home from Logan we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa JJ's for some Sunday dinner.  We had an enjoyable time as always.  Janice made a yummy chicken with potatoes dish.  I always like to go to others' homes to eat because it means that I don't have to come up with something!  The kids along with Anna frosted some cupcakes and even got to bring them home!  It is always fun to go eat with them.

We had a very busy Easter weekend, but it was a lot of fun...not a moment to spare.  I love it, and I love spending these fleeting moments with John, Logan, Jensyn, and Jack.  I love them with all of my heart and there is no place that I would rather be.  I am so grateful!

Logan's Birthday Festivities

I just have not been in much of a mood to post anything lately!  There has been so much going on in our home, and most of them have a lot to do with this fabulous weather!  John has started full-swing again, so hopefully now we can play catch-up from the lousy winter we had.  I find myself constantly in the car either helping John with errands,  plant pick-ups, and bids or taking Logan and Jensyn to and from school.  I open the sunroof and enjoy that sun!  I guess now it is time to write all the fun things that we have been up to!

Easter weekend obviously was Logan's birthday.  First thing Saturday morning (her birthday)  John woke Logan up to ride out to the dump for mulch for a customer.  When they got home, we all got ready and went to Lowes and let the kids each pick out a few flowers, bought Logan a kid size wheel barrow, rake and shovel.  (The kids really love being outside in our yard helping John.)  When we got home, we took the kids over to the neighborhood Easter egg hunt.  I felt so bad for them when they got trampled over and didn't end up getting a single egg.  My kids are so even-tempered and are shy around events like this.  I promised them that the Easter Bunny knew that they didn't get anything and that they would get something extra special because of it.  Jack on the other hand was in the baby egg hunt, he and John got several eggs and he loved searching for them.

Our next intention was to head over for Logan's family activity for her birthday:  Fat Cats.  She loves to bowl and then eat pizza there.  On our way there, we noticed a lot of cars parked at Wheeler Farm.  We found a spot and hurried and took it since Logan was really interested in what was going on there.  We spun the Chick-Fil-A wheel and won several free kids meals (too bad they are only redeemable at the Fashion Place mall location.--I would rather eat at theNordstrom Cafe if I was at the mall...)  We walked around for a minute longer then loaded back in the car to go over to Fat Cats.  

Once we were done there, Logan decided that she wanted to go see Bedtime Stories.  We called up Casey and asked her if she could tend Jack--we would not make it through a movie!  She was wonderful to take him, so thanks Case!  Logan and Jensyn loved the movie, and quite possibly loved the popcorn more--but then again, don't we all?

By the end of the day, we were ALL beat!!  Logan told us that we really didn't need to do all of these things for her this is what she said...

"Mom, I just want you to know that I don't need anything else from you for my birthday.  All I need is your love and dads love... you give that to me every day."

Seriously, she said that?  Seriously.  She is my sweetheart!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Logan!!

I have already typed a post for Logan's Birthday, but I just keep feeling like I cannot find the right words to express to her how much she means to me.  Logan is and has been the most wonderful kid in the world.  I was so worried when she was born.  She weighed in at 9 pounds 8 ounces, and was 22 inches long.  Prior to being born, and during the process, Logan's chin was up and a little too awkward to fit through.  She began to have fetal stress after having my water break several hours earlier.  I was not dilating or thinning.  Dr Smith came rushing into the room and suggested an emergency c-section.  John and I agreed and within 30 minutes or so, we had a sweet "large" baby girl.  She was immediately whisked away from me and was taken into the NICU, where she stayed for the first 6 days of her life.  He had trouble breathing and her blood count was low (or high--it was all a sad blur.)  I was so worried because I was not receiving answers about her...I had no idea why I wasn't with her in my room.  I really felt like they were keeping secrets about her health from me!  I left the hospital without my first baby.  Since then, it is a rare occasion that she goes to the doctor for anything besides her well-child check-ups. She has been a healthy girl!  She was lucky enough to inherit Johns tall jeans.  I cannot believe what an old soul my Logan is.  She has been so fabulous to have around to help me with both Jensyn and Jack.  Seriously, if I knew I wouldn't get arrested I totally would trust her to tend them both for a few hours.  She is not content with a simple answer, ever, under any circumstance.  She thinks and analyzes most everything that she hears.  She is an arm folder, a quiet observer of people, and a leader among her friends.  I am so grateful for Logan and all that she teaches me, because she really teaches me a lot.  She loves one on one time with both John and I.  She will always take the long drive out to the dump with John early Saturday mornings, and she will shop all day with me.  I am so thankful for Logan's life, and that she is mine.  Interestingly, she is everything that I pictured when I dreamed of my first little girl.  I am thankful that she is healthy and happy.  For that I am so lucky.  I have been thinking about her going into first grade this fall and it breaks my heart.  I am going to have to let her be away from me for like 8 hours a day!  

Logan, I love you so much.  I love your smile, your heart, and you.  You are so wonderful and have been wonderful since the day you were born.  (Really, you slept at least 10 hours through the night from the day I brought you home from the hospital.)  Thank you for your quiet discreet ways, I hope they never leave.  I hope that you are YOU for the rest of your life.  .


Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Birthday, MOM!!

I have the BEST mom in the whole world.  I always knew it growing up when she would call Indian Hills and check both me and Brittany out of school because we didn't want to be there. She didn't mind me and my friends coming home to sluff as long as she knew where we were.  I had Brittany sleep over on many, many school nights.  She encouraged me to choose the most fabulous boy in the world.  (She was worried that I would choose Randy!)  My mom would give up her dream home to buy a cabin so that we can "Keep'em Inn."  She snorts and squeeks when she laughs, she plays pranks, she will EVEN act like a dog in a game of Quelf.  She is the reigning champ at Sequence, and actually likes to play it!  She will spend hours outside sledding with the kids at the cabin, and she even MADE their sleds!  ...and you should hear her sing!

I think that now she is finally 50!  You look fabulous, mom!  Happy Birthday!!


General Conference

Once again, we spent General Conference weekend at the cabin.  Michelle, Connor, and Weston came up on Saturday and we were able to have a great chat!  I feel so sorry for the things that she is going through right now, but find her attitude towards these trials to be one in a million. One of the conference talks was about dealing with our trials and adversity.   He asked the question:  "What gives us the power to smile during hardships?"  I think about Michelle, and also Casey.  How do they do it?  Maybe it is good acting, but I really do think that it is something much, much more.  Elder Christofferson said "yet she was smiling as we speak,"  as he was talking about a young lady going through some serious hardships.  This was Michelle to the T this weekend.  She wore a fabulous smile, and refuses to obtain revenge, retaliation, or complain because she said that it will only reflect badly on herself.  While I wish this on nobody, I really took her lesson to me to heart.   She is my aunt first, but I have been great friends with Michelle for many years as I worked with her at a doctors office.  She taught me so much while I worked with her, gave me a lot of advice, and I believe she really cares for me.  I only hope for the best for her, and am glad to have her as my friend.

I love Conference, the love the atmosphere that we are lucky enough to have for these weekends. We are truly blessed for all that we have.