Monday, September 19, 2011

Bear Lake 2011

It's been years since we've been to Bear Lake.  We decided it was time to do some kind of a mini vacation before school started with Kirt and Leslie.  Bear Lake it was.  We headed up there on Friday morning and spent the rest of that evening, all day Saturday, and came home on Sunday.  I love Bear Lake, although the waters were so high that we couldn't 'beach it' where we were used to.  We headed into the Idaho side of the lake...we definitely chose the wrong side as far as weather goes.  You could see blue skies on the south end, but the north end, where we were, was stormy and cold-ish.  We had fun none-the-less.  The kids enjoyed playing in the water, digging sandcastles, and having fun.  We spent time in the pool, riding hay rides, and sitting around campfire.  I love Kirt and Leslie--we always had such a great time when we lived so close to them, so I am grateful that we can continue their friendship through the years.  I'd say any vacation with family is a fabulous one.

Our season pass to Lagoon is nearing its end.  We have had a lot of fun there this year, but I don't think we will renew it next season.  We used the pass a lot in April and May, a few times over the hot summer months, and more recently we finally took out the motor home.  It was a nice cool day on Saturday, but it was still packed!  Grandma and Grandpa JJ also purchased season passes and this was the first time that we were able to join up.  The kids had a blast!  Jack loves being tall enough to go on BAT.  I am certain that is his new favorite ride at Lagoon.  Jensyn's favorite has always been Colossus, but this most recent trip, her new favorite was Spider. That is good news since she wouldn't have anything to do with that or Wicked once she rode both of them once.  Since we had the motor home, we made all of our food instead of buying the stuff at the park.  Lunch was mediocre, but dinner was so yummy!  We had shredded pork of our favorites.  They don't require much, just the taco, pork, and guacamole.  So delish.  I have been happy to do Lagoon this year and anticipate doing it again in a few years or so...but I think I am Lagoon-ed out for awhile.  I do know that we will head out at least one more time for Frightmares.  I always like this time of the year there.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Big Bad Jack

This big guy is such a hoot.  (Every once in awhile, I call him Big Bad Jack so in reply, he calls me Big Bad Mom...I love him!)  A few weeks ago, Jack started becoming annoyed that he had training wheels on his bike. He asked John to just take them off.  John took them off, and seriously, this is what he did...


These two boys are the light of my life!  They get along so well...they truly care about each other!  If Jack is riding the Jeep, Madden climbs in and assumes position.  Madden holds on and they ride for hours.  If Jack is not in the Jeep, you can often find Madden in the drivers seat driving.  If this is something that Jack takes notice of, Jack comes over to get into the drivers seat...and then Madden knows the drill.  He scoots over to let Jack be the driver once again.  They build ramps, they go up mounds of dirt, they drive from spot to spot in the yard with the toy chainsaw in the back and do 'work.'  These boys are definitely boys, and I love every minute of watching them be boys together.

Jack's Perception

The other day after I dropped the girls off at school, the boys and I decided to take John and his crew bagels from Einsteins.  I picked up the loot and headed out on my mission to find them.  I know their route, but for some reason it always takes me a ton of time driving around to actually find exactly where they are.  I found the truck and trailer, but I know that John often goes on ahead to string trim.  I went from house to house in Willow Creek looking and listening.  I pulled up into a driveway of one of his customers to see if John was in the backyard.

"Mom!", Jack said.  "I think he is here.  I smell dad's pants."

I about died laughing.  What does Jack think his pants smell like, why is Jack sniffing John's pants?  I do realize that his pants smell like grass, but I think it's hilarious that is what he thinks about.

The New School Year

I simply cannot believe that the summer is winding down and the kids are starting school again.  To make a very long story short, the girls both started at our neighborhood school last week, but since then, they have changed schools for the opportunity of Spanish Dual Immersion.  Both Jensyn and Logan were accepted and we couldn't be more happy.  This will be such a great opportunity for them, and a huge benefit for the rest of their lives!  It was a little rocky at first...I was a wreck.  I was worried about disrupting Logan's fabulous academics at school and rocking that boat.  As always, it's hard to make these kinds of decisions.  The first day was rough on her, but every day since then, she has come home with a smile and some new knowledge on speaking Spanish.  Jensyn is doing great, as is easier the younger kids are.  Here's a funny thing though:  Jensyn has the same teacher in first grade that I had when I was in the first grade...different school!  What a blast from the past.  Mrs. Conklin was the single most teacher of my life that I actually remember the way she taught, and the impact she had on me.  I couldn't ask for a better teacher for her!

We are excited about Spanish Immersion.  We have tried taking family Spanish classes, but they were proving to be costly.  The school district offered Rosetta Stone at deep discounted prices, so we purchased that last year.  We have learned some, but this immersion will be so much better for them!

Logan is in the 3rd grade, Jensyn is in 1st, and Jack is in his second year of Pre-School.  He will go one more year after this before he enters Kindergarten.  It's going to be crazy having both girls gone all day!  Hopefully, here's to a fabulous, new school year for the kids.  It's going to be exciting.