Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Love of my Life Turned 33.

During the very, very busy month of October, my sweet John had a birthday. Casey tended ALL of the kids (seriously, WHO leaves a 1 week old home with a baby sitter? Someone who just had their 4th child, I guess.) We went out to dinner to Red Robin and then back home, really no big deal. We about died laughing the whole time though because we sat right across from a table where one lady's pants showed SEVERAL inches of her crack. He was joking the whole time about blowing the straw wrapper into the "hole" between her pants and her body. It was not a cute sight, but we got quite a laugh. Of course, he took a picture with his camera phone--as if he was inconspicuous (HARDLY!) Practically the whole restaurant could hear the sound of the flash alone because it was so dark inside.

I just love John so much and I am so glad that he had a fun day. I remember his "player" years when for like 2 years in a row when we were dating that he stood me up on his birthday. He tried to make up some REALLY GOOD excuses. I am glad now that all is said and done, that he chose to be with me for every birthday for the rest of his life.

Happy Birthday, Johnny 5.

Tight-Rolled Peg Leg Pants, Straight out of the 80's.

Logan and John were driving to school one morning when out of the blue, Logan said, "Dad, when I am on the safety patrol at school, I will not wear mismatched clothes, and I will not wear peg leg pants. (Apparently, one of the safety patrol students had mismatched clothes on with pants like the photo above.) How does she know what peg leg pants are? They came out of the 80's! (Might I add was the coolest thing, because I did in when I was in the 6th grade with my Girbauds.) So hilarious these trends that we have. I am glad they are NOT a trend now.

But, most importantly, WHERE IN THE WORLD, did Logan get this attitude? Shoot, I am thinking that it came from me! I have been accused of being a snot on several occasions.

"Mom," Jensyn said. " When I grow up and get married, will me and my husband live with you and dad, in your house?"

"Nope, Jensyn." Your husband better buy you your own house when you get married. You will live in your own house.
"Oh good mom! Does that mean he will even buy us our own bunk bed to share?"

"Yep, J, you two will be able to sleep in bunk beds if you want!"

I just love her!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Just Being Thankful

I am not quite sure whether or not I have said how much I LOVE my little family! Every single day is a blessing for me. I don't think that I could have chosen a better husband or hand-picked better kids. We all really have a good time together, and I could not ask for more.

We Sure Love Madden!