Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Fingernails

Since Logan and Jensyn are both out of school for the next 2 weeks, and in child-like anticipation for Christmas in 2 days, I decided to make it a FUN 2 weeks for them. I went over to Ulta today and bought some sparkly red, green nail polish so that I could paint the girls' nails and toenails. Don't look too closely, but we had a lot of fun decorating their nails. Tomorrow...sugar cookies.

Jensyn's hands

Logan's hands

I think that maybe on Christmas, we will do hot chocolate and sit by the fireplace together and read some stories or play bingo or something. I'll really have to ponder that one.

I decided that I want to PLAY with my cute kids and get back to their level for a bit. I think it will be lots of fun. I am so lame!
A few weeks ago, I bought a ginger bread house kit. I also spent a small fortune on additional candy for the house. Unfortunately, I COULDN'T get the danged things to hold! The roof and all of the sides kept falling off. Funny thing...I just told them to decorate the "gingerbread cookies" instead. We still had fun eating all of the candy and decorating the cookies!

You are my Sunshine

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.
You make me happy, when skies are gray.
You'll never know dear, how much I love you,
Please don't take my sunshine away.
The other night dear, as I lay sleeping
I dreamed I held you in my arms
When I woke up, I was mistaken
And I held my head and cried.

Early this morning, cute Jensyn came into my room. She stood to the side of my bed and started singing this song to me. She got through the first few lines when I finally let her jump up into my bed. Once I let her in and pulled the covers over her, she kept singing the rest of the song to me!

That made for a great day for me and J. I love her so much. Jensyn loves me to sing this song to her, but she makes me tickle her when I sing it. I was surprised that she just woke up to sing me that song--manipulation to get in to my bed, do you think?

The Russell Family Party

Once again, we hosted the annual Russell Family Christmas Party. We decided to keep it simple and easy so we heated the crock pots with Chili. I made my FAMOUS breadsticks (3, double batches) All 3 batches tasted great! They are SO easy and it is one thing that I can bake under any circumstance! We exchanged white elephants which turned out to be fun, but in my opinion should have been divided into an adult group and a children's group. The kids didn't really want to get all of the hilarious white elephants, they really take their Christmas Gifts seriously. Two years ago before Calvin (John's cousin) went on his mission, he gave John a pair of "large underwear" that had the words "Dream Catcher" on them. Pre-mission humor, I guess. His dad, a bishop at the time, and he thought that was the funniest white elephant to give. Well, this year, Calvin returned home and guess what he got back this year from John? Bring out the whiteys! He totally forgot that he gave them to John. It made for a hilarious night. Cute Sue, Calvin's mom, always is thinking when it come to these white elephants. She puts together these "kits." One bag she gave was like a "romantic evening gift." It included several silk boxer shorts, a black bra, a book, and a bottle of Viagra! What a hoot. I seriously love the Rudd's and the Russell's. They are a very fun group, and I can't wait to get them back up to the cabin.
During the party, Aimee had Calvin talk about Christmas on his mission in Nebraska, and then his cousin Travis talk about Christmas in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Hawaii. He served on the front lines and we are so glad that he has made it home safe. He came home in October. I also called Scott in our ward to come play my favorite Christmas song on his Clarinet, O Holy Night. This I did to try to bring in the Christmas spirit to EVERYONE at the party. He is amazing. It turned out to be a fun night.

John's cute cousins: Becca, Natalie, CeCelia

Grandma and Grandpa Shipp

I don't know if it is possible to have a better set of grandparents! My grandparents live in Logan, which is where I got Logan's name from. Her middle name, of course, came from my Grandma as well since her name is Ann. It is our understanding that Christmas Day is going to pose quite a threat for traveling, so Kirt, Leslie, Grace, Fischer, Logan, Jensyn, Jack, John, and I went to visit them on Saturday. We ordered some Fredrico's pizza (a favorite) and spent some much needed time with them. Speaking on kindness in my lesson on Sunday, I cannot think of better examples of people who show kindness towards everyday people than Grandma and Grandpa. They are well over 90 years old and are still holding pretty strong. Grandma always used to call me her "chocolate chip eyed girl," and that I remind her so much of herself when she was younger. Grandpa has always been a trickster. He would kick me, and I am sure everyone else, in the hind and say "oops, my foot slipped," and then chuckle all the way down the hall. I wish I would have written down all of the funny jokes that he tells because they are hilarious! Grandma and Grandpa, I will love you forever!
The weather always makes me nervous when it snows and I am in the car. This trip was no exception, either. On the way up, we watched as a 4-runner slid back and forth in Sardine Canyon, almost wiping out several times. Naturally, I wanted to get back in the car and get home safely before dark and the ice set in. We made it through the canyon fine, but once we got in to Brigham City, all of the freeway traffic was being diverted onto, I think it is like Highway 89.(?) Anyway, there was a 22 car pile-up headed southbound on I-15, and then in the same spot, a 10 car pile-up headed northbound. ALL traffic was to be diverted to this highway. It took us over 4 hours to get home, but I am grateful to have gotten home! I welcomed the slow driving since it ensured our safety.

Grandpa just got some more cancerous spots burned off of his head, so his head is in the healing process.

Pearl Harbor Day

Although we are always busy and doing something, I don't feel like we do much. I was going through my camera and realized otherwise! This December has really been quite busy and very fun. My birthday is in December, Pearl Harbor day. (I have decided that I may change my name to Pearl.--I'll have to think about it a while longer.) John took me and the girls to Rodizio Grill, which is something John does most every year for me. I love it there! We were lucky enough to have Casey stay with Jack-Man. He slept in his crib for her the whole time. Logan and Jensyn also loved the food. They have quite expensive taste, I would say. They are not going to be cheap dates, sorry boys! We had the Ward Christmas Breakfast where, again, Santa presented himself. He brought with him his horses and this time the kids got to go on a ride with him. They loved it.

November's Lesson Thought

"The greatest achievement mankind can make in this world is to familiarize themselves with divine truth, so thoroughly, so perfectly, that the example or conduct of no creature living in the world can ever turn them away from the knowledge that they have obtained."

--Joseph F. Smith--

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Santa and Toy make an appearance.

There are MANY, MANY reasons that I love living where we live. Honestly, living on horse property on an acre of ground really wasn't where/how I really pictured myself living. However! I am so grateful that John felt the Spirit the way he did after seeing this home over 3 years ago. I literally get goose bumps to think about the circumstances, and Johns sure knowledge that this was indeed where we needed to be. When John and I first heard about the house, it was about 8:30pm one evening. John and I were stopped at the stop-light on 12300 South and 1300 East. My cell phone rang, it was Casey-(a realtor, and my sister.) She knew that we were always looking for a new home, but not really in the market to make the big jump at that time. She told us where the house was, and we drove over since we were only a few minutes away. This house, when we drove up, was the scariest looking house that I have probably ever seen. The house was no lit up, the trees were overgrown, --and it was so horribly --70's ish. That was just the outside. We walked around the house and looked through the windows as it was clear that the owners of the home had moved out. John decided that he wanted to walk through it. We called Casey, who in turn, called the owners. It was this poor old man who we got out of bed! He told us that he would be over at about 10:00-he needed to get ready. We waited for both him and Casey. Finally, he arrived and showed us the home. The carpet was horrible gray, the walls stark white, the kitchen cabinets-- seventies walnut. I'm not sure that there was anything that, at first I was OK about and that I actually liked. In my mind, we were just walking through this old, old, unkempt home. The only thing that went though my mind was that the house kept going on, and on, and on. Just when you thought you had seen it all, there was another door with yet another room. John had his own thoughts on the place. He was in heaven!! When the owner showed us the house, he also showed us a part of the property that was also part of the deal. AND!!, it included a 900 square foot barn with about an extra 1/2 an acre of property which we didn't think was part of this house. John talked to the owner and told him we would have an offer the following morning. I could not believe that he was really interested in this place. We didn't really talk about it much that night. The following morning, I received a phone call from Chelsey-(my neighbor and sister and friend.) I was still sleeping and she asked me why there was a For Sale sign in my front yard, one that wasn't there yesterday. I sat straight up in bed and was shocked. John had put our home up for sale! I called him and he said that this is something that needs to be done, he would take care of the rest. Did he not remember that we still have a home? That if it didn't sale, we would have 2 house payments? I was floored. We made our offer that morning. We gave them, I think, until 5pm that day or maybe the next to either reject or accept our offer. His wife called us back a little before 5 and told us that another offer had come in as well that day, and were wondering if we wanted to have the final option of the home. Could we make our money stretch? We told her we wanted the home and would love to know if we were outbid. We were waiting patiently for the call to come in and let us know what our future was. She called back around 7pm and told us that they had really contemplated the 2 offers. The other offer happened to be a higher offer, and they wanted to close sooner than us. My heart sank. She said that after very much thought and prayer (funny, huh! That is what she said.), that they have decided to give us the home. I could not believe it. They accepted our lower offer. After we closed, we were talking to the seller. He said that his decision had much to do with seeing our little girls, a young family, and potential to a great home. It also had to do with my next door neighbor, Debbie, who without meeting us-chose us. The cute seller took both our offers and family descriptions to her for her input. She chose us. Honestly, we were meant to be where we are-I believe in divine intervention when our hearts are in the right place. I don't think that either John or I was real spiritually "in-tune" ever while living in our Draper home. We struggled with church, callings, etc. We went, and when we went it was only as part of routine. In part, I believe that Heavenly Father was answering our prayers, but also had his own agenda. I don't believe it is coincidence that we are where we are today. I believe that this home was hand-picked for us by our loving Heavenly Father. Spiritually, we have grown tremendously in this ward. I am seeing the power of service of ward members to other ward members. I see the miracles that go on all because, seriously, the ward cares about each other. Kindness, love, charity, humbleness, are all words that I would think of when I think of our ward and neighborhood. My testimony has grown more than I even realize. I feel VERY blessed to know the Featherstone's and have them in our ward. The General Authority, Featherstone's. I believe a large part of my testimony came from Vaughn and Merlene. I am so lucky to be assigned Merlene's visiting teacher. Actually, I am so lucky to be assigned the ladies I have been assigned to! I also get to visit Sharon and Barbara. For this I am grateful. It makes me wonder what I possibly have to help them advance and be better. Regardless, I am happy. I am pretty sure that not many people read this, but if only there was a way I could express the depth of my gratitude when I speak of this area. I will be forever grateful.

ANYWAYS!! That was just one of the reasons that I love where I live. Each Christmas, Santa and Toy make a stop to our street. The kids go outside and get to be with Santa and his horse. Each year, I try to have a few people over and eat until Santa comes. This year was no exception. This is another reason that I love the "horse" area.

I was glad, too, because John heard someone singing the other day and looked out the window. Down the bridal trail, he saw probably about 15-20 horses, and their riders were singing Christmas carols. John gathered the kids and me and we headed to the backyard and listened to them. The horses had jingle bells and were all decorated for the holidays. That made me happy.

I think it is the small things.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Once in awhile we do fun things.

The day after Thanksgiving, we braved the trek downtown (on Trax) to see the lights turn on. We decided to start at Temple Square. We got down there at 5:20. I was ticked because, in broad daylight, Temple Square's lights were already turned on! I thought they do a big spectacle the day after Thanksgiving. I guess I was wrong. The lights were still beautiful, the Temple was still beautiful, and we still had a fun time together as a family.

I don't do Black Friday shopping, and I don't think that I ever will. I feel like I would rather pay the extra or full price than to wake up early and be in crowds. I feel too claustrophobic around people. People make me nervous, in general. Really, what it comes down to is I am not brave, and I am not exciting.

I was shocked that I actually followed through with taking the kids downtown. The idea is nice, but usually is defeated because of the crowds. It was a fun night, and we were able to get a beautiful picture of the Temple. --Next year, I won't go the day after Thanksgiving-and I won't go on Trax. (Way too much Riff-Raff on board.)

What do you mean, I like change?

You think that just because I cannot stay on one background for 5 days means that I like change? I guess you are right. I don't know, it just bugs me seeing the same old, same old. That is the thing that bugs me about decorating my house, painting, buying a new car, etc. Just after it is sealed, signed, and delivered, I decide that I want something different. Everything seems so...I don't know...like I need to have it that minute, but if I wait 5 days, then the need will go away. Then, I decide that I want what I had originally. Did this make any sense? Really, it is all about the background that brought this all up.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


I am so lucky because ever since we have been married (10 very short years) we have always spent EVERY holiday with my side of the family. OK, maybe I have missed like 2 dinners, but hey, who cares? We spent this Thanksgiving in Provo with the Russell's. Their son, Calvin, came home from his mission on the 14th of November so they had this massive Thanksgiving dinner. It was a lot of fun. Something that I have never done, is put together hygiene kits--I did this finally! We put together 200 kits and boxed them off. I loved it because even Logan and Jensyn were able to help. It may have only taken 10 minutes, but it was something that made us feel good. Wow! We are so fortunate to have the LUXURIES that we have! Here we are putting a small warm blanket, 4 cloth diapers, diaper pins, a bar of soap, a cotton t-shirt dress, and a few other small necessities in these zip-lock bags that are no bigger than an 11x14 photo! I guess I am just so oblivious to the world and their needs! I feel like I am only focusing on myself! Here I am thinking that I need...everything. We take so much for granted just the small things that are needed, and that we have all of the time. I have had things put into perspective a little more because of this fun activity. THANK YOU RUSSELL'S! We love your family SO much! I did miss my family. I have the funnest family in the world. I am so glad to be a part of them. I sure did miss my moms yummy stuffed mushrooms--the best in the world.

Leave it to Becca to get my kids to sleep! Thank you for all you do, Becca-I LOVE YOU!

Jensyn and CeCelia

Logan and Nicole working on the kits

Logan, Jensyn, and Nicole playing Rock Star-or whatever the heck it's called.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

November 26, 2008

Today, I am thankful for:

1) Pretty Christmas Decorations. I love them! I can't believe I was so late in getting them up this year. I think they were all up finally by about the 15th. Christmas decorations make me happy.

2) Smiles. I consider myself a really good driver. What does this have to do with smiles? So, today I was pulling out of Costco and turning left. There were 2 cars-I thought they were both turning in to Costco. The first car did, but the second car didn't. I totally pulled out in front of her. It definitely wasn't an almost miss, but I still pulled out in front of her. I waved and smiled at the lady driver, mouthing the word 'sorry'. She SMILED and WAVED back! Seriously, why isn't everyone like this, cause I am!?(--unless you are a lame driver, you don't know how to drive, and you make me mad!) She just made my day. Dumb, huh!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Being Thankful

Today was quite an eventful day, to say the least. Every day I go into Logan's classroom to help her teacher for 20-30 minutes. Today was no exception. I love to see what Logan is learning about. She is doing so well! I also was able to help John get some mulch delivered by our supplier for a big job tomorrow. Although I did a lot, I still don't have much information to jot down. It is really interesting on days like today to really find something that I am thankful for. Sometimes the days just don't end, and it seems almost unbearable. Underneath it all, I know now what I am thankful for today...it has been under my nose all day.

1) My Parents. They saved my day today. I needed some help, they dropped everything they were doing and came to me. They trusted me with a no-questions-asked type of deal. Although it was nothing major, for me it was. My mom and dad have always been so willing to help wherever they can--and they have helped me in my life more than they will ever know. I hope that one day, I can either help them, or be as amazingly wonderful as they are to my own children. Really, my parents are one of John and my very best friends--and I have some pretty dang good friends. Mom and dad, if you read this, THANK YOU! We love you so very much.

2) Life. I am thankful for my life, for the life of my little kids, and also the life of John--among all of my wonderful friends and family. I have always been a worry wart. I worry when the phone rings that it is John and he has been in an accident. I worry that I will lose someone that I love. All. The. Time. I am also thankful that I care so much about those that I love. I could not imagine life without the amazing people that surround me. I remember a thought that I once heard that said "How wonderful it is to have someone that makes saying goodbye so hard." I have so many fabulous people living around me. With that being said, I am so very thankful for each and every day that we have. We never, ever know when we will run out of tomorrows. I am so thankful for today-and for the time I have been able to spend with the people that I love. Today. One of these days, I won't be afraid of death... or maybe I won't--but I am very glad to be alive. (Is that gloom and doomy?) Sorry.
i love dad

Monday, November 24, 2008

I Am Thankful Part II

Since I don't have much to write about, I will just dive right in to the two things that I am thankful for today.

1) Work. John still continues to be busy and it is the 23rd of November. We usually have him scheduled out until about the 10th of November where he gets snowed/rained out. I don't think ever, he has been able to do fall clean-ups and property projects this far in to the season. Now I know that we actually have something to bill out for next month. I would assume that the snow will start hitting us right away-then I can bill for that. I am thankful for work.

2) My Church Calling. I have learned so much over the last year and a half, and I have grown in knowledge tremendously. I am grateful and humbled that I have been entrusted with such a special calling.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I Am Thankful.

In Relief Society today, the lesson was on President Monson's general conference talk! I thought that I knew it like the back of my hand--she brought up so many new points. I do think it is very interesting that given the same information, many people have differing views on it! What the teacher found in the lesson was so much different that what I have been focusing on. ...and remember, I was drenched in tears when I made the post a month ago on this talk because I knew it so well! Very interesting.
She said how important it is each day to list 2 things at the end of the day that we were grateful for. I think that I will take up that challenge. I do have so much to be grateful for on a daily basis. Some days, it might be hard to figure those out-but I hope not. I guess I will soon find out.

Today, I am grateful for: (in no particular order)

1) My Home. I feel so safe and so secure in the walls of my home. I thank John for who he is and providing such a safe and wonderful place for us to be. We are so blessed to be where we are!

2) John. Really. He is so amazing. I have never seen anyone who is full of selfless acts as he is. He may not believe so, but his countenance is the most pure of any I have ever been around. I love him so much and am so happy and HONORED to spend forever with him. Have you seen his way with my kids? Totally priceless.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Did I blow it?

Jack-man's hair has been so hard to do in a little faux-hawk because it has gotten so long and stringy. So...I took him in to my hair stylist and had her cut all of the baby hair out. He looks like a little man now! Really, I wanted the sides cut--but the top, I really wanted at least an inch left on there. Luckily, boys hair (and especially Jacks) grows like a weed. I will miss his curly locks of hair for a few months!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Dinner Group

Our Bishop recently asked the Ward Activities Committee to put together dinner groups for the adults in the ward. Several people in the ward will host each dinner. Well, tonight was the first run at it. John and I had one of the groups at our home. We did get to know some very fun people whom I have been wanting to get to know. It turned out to be a fun evening. Most stayed tonight until almost 10:00-just sitting around the table while eating and talking. I think that these are the fun kinds of things to do as ward activities. Luckily, I have the gumption to decorate for Christmas early each year. We were able to eat off my mis-matched Christmas dishes--(can't even do matchy-matchy dishes! I have to buy 8 different sets of dishes just so I can switch them up on a table setting!) My Christmas trees were decorated, as was my mantle, AND my cute windows were up for the season. John also started a roaring fire in the fireplace. I have several more totes of decorations that still need a home, but for tonight it was great. I really love to have people in my home. I was glad for the fun opportunity.

Diaper Rashes?

Any thoughts on what causes diaper rashes? Do you think spicy chili might be the culprit? Whoops! Sorry, buddy!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I wonder where she got THIS idea...

Jensyn jumped off my bed with a handful of things and ran into the bathroom...nothing strange. A little while later, I started heading for the kitchen. I looked down the other hallway in my journey to the kitchen and this is what I saw! She turned over a laundry basket and starts using it as a table, coloring papers.

When it comes to me and the potty, let's just say I don't waste much time. I'm down and up faster than I can--do pretty much anything! Jensyn must have just wanted to spend a little bit of her time there. Maybe she gets it from John. I'll have to ask him when he gets home. haha.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

October's Lesson Thought

"It was meant to be that life would be a challenge. To suffer some anxiety, some depression, some disappointment, even some failure is normal. Teach our members that if they have a good, miserable day once in a while, or several in a row, to stand ready and face them. Things will straighten out. There is a great purpose in our struggle in life."

--Boyd K. Packer--

It's over for another month

I presented my lesson today. I think that it went over fairly well. To the side bar, I posted a quote for this time which I really like. It came from a talk by Richard G. Scott in 1993 during General Conference. I also used Chelsey's input in my closing remarks. I actually read my closing remarks (which was partially my testimony on the subject of knowledge.) Here it is for me to remember.

"We live in a very interesting time. We are being plagued by a society who thinks that the blackest black is white. That white is black. Take prop 8. We are being protested against for our beliefs on pro-family. We are involved in a modern day persecution where our beliefs are under scrutiny. Our places of worship are being targeted. We are being called haters and bigots. Times are going to get very rough and tough. We cannot afford to be sitting on the fence. NOW is the time to obtain the knowledge that we need to receive salvation. If we are not constantly learning, the darkness of society will bring us down. We will begin to not be able to differentiate the truth. We will fall away. We are told that in the last days, there will be wars, and rumors of wars. An interesting thing to consider is that the wars don’t/won’t always consist of bows, arrows, cannons, guns, etc. They might be wars in our own hearts, and wars of values and morals! Prop 8 is doing just this. We are losing members of our church due to the knowledge that they never continually gained!"

Until next month...!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Filling up the Yukon

I have a secret! No need to go to Costco anymore for "cheap gas!" Before heading downtown tonight, I went out of my way to get Costco gas (I was excited for the possibility of it being like $1.90). I did score and get it for $1.97 per gallon, but as I was heading back toward South Towne Mall, the Conoco on the corner was also $1.97. While this is good news, I know that in the future, Costco is not necessarily the cheapest anymore. My Yukon (within 2 months ago) cost about $90 per fill-up. TODAY!!! $42.00! Wow. That is a huge difference! Was it the election? Is that possible? I can handle gas at this price. I remember when John and I were dating, 11 years ago and up to when we got married 10 years ago, we were only paying $.98 per gallon. That was some cheap gas! So much has changed since then, I am realizing. Anyway, I am just excited. I am sure I'll look at this post in a few months and wish that we were back to these days.

(Update: I should have gone up the street to the Sinclair by Harmons. The gas price is the cheapest in town--$1.86--and I have a $.05 off per gallon since that is where I shop! Maybe I'll fill John's truck up tomorrow, just for fun.)

And.....it's definitely time for bed because all I am doing is rambling.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Lesson on Sunday

I have been thinking a lot this past month on my Relief Society lesson that I will be giving this Sunday. I will be teaching on "Gaining Knowledge of Eternal Truths." OK, seriously-I read and re-read this lesson and I could never find the basis of my lesson. How would I present this? I feel like these Joseph Smith lessons are very hard! What ever happened to the lessons on Charity, Love, Forgiveness? I could teach on those. I sat down late one night and started preparing. I got a good portion of the lesson all prepared and then went to sleep. What happened next is beyond my imagination! I had a dream. I dreamed that I was at church, teaching my lesson. It was all laid out for me, but it was nothing like the one I had prepared that evening--and might I add, that the lesson in my dream went over fabulously! I woke up the next morning, basically scrapping my previous night's efforts. I know now how I am going to present this lesson. Honestly, this kind of stuff never happens to me. Weird. ANYWAYS, back to my thoughts and purpose. In light of our current situation with the government and specific propositions, I am taking that perspective. In a world like we have today, I am becoming completely obsessed with the way that (the people against Prop 8) are treating our church. I guess I call it "modern day persecution."

It scares me.
Are we strong enough to withstand this?

We have to be.
Gaining knowledge of eternal truths will allow us to not falter! In today's society, black is becoming white. What is the truth? So many people believe many things, and it is very obvious that the rest of the world thinks that our truth is a horrible lie. If we do not have an extensive and growing knowledge of the truth, we will lose it. This is where we get those who "resign" and fall away from the church.
In my lesson, I will be mentioning prop 8. So, to all my fans reading this (ha ha, just kidding) I need your input. Am I OK to open this up to discussion, or is it better left as it is? Will the RS ladies be offended? (I don't think that this touches home to anyone, but I don't want to offend.) Although, the church DOES say that we cannot be worried about offending a church member because of the truth. We cannot sugar-coat things that are wrong. How should I handle this? If you dare, let me know!

Disney on Ice

So...tonight, Leslie invited the girls and me to go see Disney on Ice. When I ordered the tickets only 1 week before the show, I didn't think it would be possible to get a decent seat. Well, my luck was on my side! We got 5 VIP tickets-row 5, seats 1-5. It was great because the row that we were on were in the corner of the rink, there were only 5 seats on that row so we never had to climb over people, or be climbed over! That was probably my favorite part!
Logan said that she loved the whole thing, but mostly Cinderella. Jensyn said that she loved Ariel. (She said that she is Ariel.) I love spending time with those girls. They were on their best behavior (that doesn't change much) and were just fun to be with. I was able to leave Jack with John, and Leslie was able to leave Fischer with Kirt. Cute dads!
(On a side note, I want to say that I love my John!) Though I dread the winters, I love that he generally gets to be home with me all winter. We usually will drop the kids off to school and then go out to lunch together. It is the best! The last week while the rainy weather was hovering, he stayed home. I had so much going on that I was constantly leaving the house and having him stay with the kids and even drive them to school. He has not complained once. (Like I said, though, we really do have EASY kids.) I love you, John!
Back to the Disney on Ice. We had a great night with Leslie and Grace. I am thinking that we will have to make it a tradition. Thank you, Les!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans Day

I have, as you know, signed up to be the PTA Historian. It really does consume a lot of my time. Well, today I had the pleasure of attending the schools assembly in honor of the veterans of our country. The school did sing-a-long songs and waved flags. The kids, teachers, and all in attendance stood up and sang the National Anthem. Seriously, they sounded amazing! I had to stop singing because I was choking up. (Really though, does this surprise anyone? I cried in the movie King Ralph, like 15 years ago--it has been all down hill from there.) My eyes welled up with tears. I really couldn't make it through the song. Anyway, being the BEST historian that I am, I contacted the 4 major news stations via e-mail. When the assembly started, it appeared that they really didn't care what we had going on at our school. About half way through, to my major excitement, the PTA president runs up to me and said, "How did you do that?" I was so confused. "You got the news here!" Again, I welled up with tears. I felt so happy that for once, my efforts paid off. It was Fox 13. So, in the past, I have always made fun of that news channel, I mean really, does anyone even take them seriously? Well, for today I do. They supported my school-and made me look good in the process...!
Thank you Fox 13!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Don't tell Chelsey that I know her secret.

I know the juicy secret that Chelsey is going to post about on Friday. (to all you out there who have access to her blog.) Seriously, hold your pants on for this one! You WILL NOT see this one coming.


lllloooonnnngggg sigh. I guess the time has come where we know our new President of the United States. I was cleaning yesterday and listening/watching the reports. I even sat down for a minute to even see if it was possible that McCain would win this election. It was possible, but it would have almost taken a miracle, but it was possible! I glanced back up a while later to see the big TV screen say, "Barack Obama, elected the 44th President of the United States of America." Although I knew what the outcome would be, I still got choked up and shed a tear or two. I was sadly disappointed, concerned with the way that he will lead our country. Although I think that he is a fairly good looking man, I didn't want him to win. ( I will say that when Hillary and Obama were fighting for the Democratic nomination, I DID say that I would much rather have Obama be the president versus Hillary.) So, with that being said, at least Obama was elected and not her! I do know that this country will still survive, heck, we survived Bill Clinton--for 8 years!

I really do have a lot going through my mind with the elections, but I do need to focus my energies in different areas. So, hopefully with this little post, I will be able to get it on the table and then off my chest! (As you all probably know, I've got enough there as it is! haha)

I feel bad for George Bush. Although I know that he has done some things that caused problems for the country, I do think that for the most part he has done his best. Leading the country would be a hard job! I give him credit for being the president during 9-11, what a disaster that would have been had Clinton still been in the White House. I do feel bad for him because I generally think he has done a great job.

Writing this post makes me look kind of like I know what I am talking about, and that I might know a little politics. Really? I don't know anything. I am just a good pretender!

Here's to Obama, he finally has my support (kind of) and we will wait until the next elections.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Today my family gathered at Kirt and Leslie's ward and home for the blessing of baby boy Fischer Koehn Hansen. He is so dang cute! Kirt, like Tony and John, gave him a wonderful blessing. These little babies are so lucky to have such great parents and families. Leslie bore her testimony about how not too long ago, our babies were with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. How thin the veil must be for infants-and for that matter, even small children. That chills me to the bone. They know Heavenly Father very well at this point, I am sure.

I look into the eyes and sweet spirits of my little kids, and know for a surety that they truly have Christ-like attributes, as children should. I am so glad that they have the light in them. I know that they always will. These children are given to us as the most perfect gift from Heavenly Father.

I know that I am grateful for mine.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

I seriously love Halloween. I love the decorations, the colors, the smells, everything. This morning, I scheduled a witches make-over with Logan and Jensyn. I also took Bailey and Boston as well. It was over at a day spa at Gardner Village so we were also able to walk around a bit to see the witches and take some cute pictures. Oh my word, did their personalities really come out today. Logan, when given the chance to get made over like a witch, she barely ok'd the green face, but definitely would not allow the black eye brows or the fabulous eye lashes. John and I decided tonight that she is very much like him-maybe a minimalist? Jensyn on the other hand! She loved every single minute of being pampered. She had so much fun. She let the stylist put on eyelashes, eyebrows, a green face, red lipstick, a large snake in her hair, the whole thing! She looked so...much like...Jensyn! I loved the time that I was able to spend with them this morning. I would love to be able to do this every year, and I might, but I am thinking more along the lines of letting the girls have witch parties every year instead. I would then make up their friends like witches since I have the know how now.
We took out the Ranger trick-or-treating since we brought it down from the cabin this last trip and took the snowmobiles up. The girls got lots and lots of candy and had the time of their lives running from house to house.
...and Jack was a dracula.

I love Halloween! Is it time to decorate my house for Christmas now?