Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mantua 2010

Another year in Mantua!  Doesn't time go by SO FAST?

Thanks for doing this, John 4!

I seriously have a MAD CRUSH on him!

Isn't he getting SO big?

A Zarbock Family Party!

We all know that our family LOVES the Russell family...now we get to LOVE the Zarbock family!  They were the wonderful hosts of a FUN family home evening at their new condo.  My kids have so much fun with this whole family, and so do we!  Thank goodness for wonderful family!  (and here's another swimming event this summer!)

Two of the beautiful Rudd girls

We sure do miss Zach!

It's no wonder why the kids are so brown!

It's a good thing we have a HOT TUB in the middle of summer to cool us down!

The gym works like a charm!  They love it there!

This isn't even CLOSE to the end of our swimming adventures, so stay tuned!