Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kindergarten Nursery Rhyme Program

What a good job Jensyn did on her program!  She remembered her part and repeated it so that everyone could hear.  I was proud.

Polly and Sukey

Polly put the kettle on
Polly put the kettle on
Polly put the kettle on
Let's drink tea

Sukey take it off again
Sukey take it off again
Sukey take it off again
They're all gone away

Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy

The news of Jack needed to get his tonsils removed shocked me.  Last October, I took Jack to his well child check-up.  He rarely sees the doctor unless it is for well-child and immunizations.  When Dr. Lei said that he has huge tonsils, I was floored.  He looked over his records to make sure that he hadn't been in for tonsillitis or other throat related problems.  He hadn't.  He is one healthy little man.  I was referred to Dr. Grimmer at PMC in SLC.  We waited 3 months for his appointment and finally met him for the first time yesterday.  He agreed with Dr. Lei and suggested surgery.  I was impressed that they had 1 opening for the following day and then if we didn't take that time, we would wait 3-4 weeks.  I jumped on the opening for the following day...less anticipation, less stress, less worry.  He was such a sweet big boy!

Here's how our day rolled out...

Alligator ready to have surgery!

Pre-Op appointment with vitals

Checking into the hospital

More vitals

He loved being able to 'toot around' in his truck for the morning.

His jammies for the stay

Getting ready to part ways

Anesthesiologist takes him away, Jack drives to the OR room

One last look

After surgery, being wheeled to recovery

One sad little boy

BUT, a brave little boy!  He was so brave that he even got a prize.
He chose a car, who'd have guessed?

A wagon ride to the car with his slushee in tow.

I hope life without your tonsils is great!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

What would the day be like without the Leprechauns peeing in the toilet and turning the water green, or mischief making in the house?  We had a fun day at the McAllister, parties, scavenger hunts, and fun!

The day started off first thing this morning when to our surprise, the Leprechauns turned our house upside down. Shutters were open, the dishwasher was open, chairs and barstools tipped over.  They outdid themselves this year!

Logan's trap proved unsuccessful--but she ALMOST got them according to our observations.  It looks like they tilted the table chair to climb up and then somehow got the Hershey's Kisses, but somewhere along the way, they must have stepped on the glue dots.  We found the paper stuck underneath the front door, half in and half out.  I wonder how long it took them to escape!  Fortunately for the kids, they did leave a present for them at the door.  How cool is that?  Logan was about in tears that she didn't catch them, but I reassured her that I don't think anyone has EVER caught them because they are so tricky!  Each of them got a green shirt, a pair of green socks, and another small toy of sorts.  They were so excited.

Here's MY Lucky Charms!

Once the kids got home from school, we had lots of running around to do to prepare for our first extended family cousins party.  Hogan, Hudsen, Sophie, Bailey, Boston, Grace and Fischer all were able to come. Additionally, my mom and dad, Kirt and Leslie, Casey, and Chelsey were there.  How fun is that?

 Chelsey, Hogan, and Hudsen

These are the kids' table settings and party favors.
In the McAllister family, St. Patty's Day wouldn't be the same without Taco's our favorite.

It was the craziest thing...while the kids were playing outside, John found a rainbow paper shamrock with some hints on it for a treasure hunt!  The kids were so excited to read them and go from shamrock to shamrock to find different prizes.  It only took them 10 minutes, but Logan sure had her arms full with fun things.

Then finally, the kids just played and wore themselves out.  Jensyn came up to me tonight and was holding above both temples on her head and said:

"Mom, my head feels really wobbly inside."  John took her and laid down by her and 3 minutes later, she was out like a light.  It was only 8:00.  I hope that she is okay.

I just love my family!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I think I might hear the Leprechauns!

Shhh.  The kids are sleeping and I think I just heard the Leprechauns!  I better hurry and go to bed so that they will stop by our house for some mischief.

One thing I do know, is Logan made a trap and I think she might catch them tonight!

SciFi and Fantasy Art The Leprechaun by Richard Svensson

The trap has glue dots around the outside and at the bottom.  Hopefully, they will run up the page and get stuck on the glue when they try to eat the Hershey's Kisses.

Good luck, Logan!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Can you even believe this snow?

Here it is, March...and it's snowing like it SHOULD in January!  Nice.

Making Relief Society 'Purse'-onal

I am so excited for the Relief Society Birthday Party!  SO much work goes into the planning and carrying out of this yearly event, and this year is no exception.  I don't know why I insist on making the invitations cute (expensive, time consuming, etc.) but I seem to always do that.  I have an awesome committee who sees my (and Diane's) visions and has the capacity to carry them out!  I spent several hours tracing and cutting out over 110 invitations with 110 of the same shape inserts, plus 110 more inside tabs, just for a splash of color.  I handed them over to Evelyn to glue them in and glue in some darling sequin handles.  She did wonderfully!  I realized once I got them all back that I even needed more!  I ended up making from start to finish about 25 more.  They took hours, but I hope that it will make someone want to come!  If that is the case, they were just worth it.  We are going to do Cafe Rio-type salads, a few fun purse themed games, have bundt cakes and purse shaped cakes, lots of balloons, and hopefully lots of fun.  If only I can remember to take some pictures of the night!  (I sure love having the internet where any fabulous idea is at your fingertips!  There are so many incredible ideas out there...I am good at copying!)

I really love my calling and this year, finally, I think I may can gotten into some sort of groove.  I am sorry to Diane that it has taken a whole year to accomplish that!

I can't even tell you how much I love the ward that I am in, the people who I rub shoulders with every single day.  I also think that part of what makes someone want to be active, to serve, to be a part of the ward (really) has to put something into it, too.  I don't think that just by going to church and having it be a routine thing will ever fully get us involved, though I know that is sometimes all people can do--and I understand that.  Accepting callings, showing happiness, showing compassion, and really caring about people are all part of the necessary things that we need to do!  I feel like when these things are not done, it is lost on us!  My life is happy.  I am grateful for a husband who supports me and my calling, and now I have the chance to support him in his.  He has been called to serve as Secretary in the beloved Young Mens organization.  It is amazing to see how he cares about them already (yes, I am talking about my dear, sweet, John.)  I love being a part of something so wonderful!

Before John received his calling in the ward, he was invited by the previous YM presidency to attend the 'Kinda Klondike.'  It was up at Chris and Susan McCandless' cabin.  John brought his snowmobile down from our cabin for the occasion (ok, that's why he was invited in the first place.)  The very next day, that presidency was released and John was put in--that honestly was no surprise to me based off the conversation John had with the Bishop (alone, all the way to and from the cabin in Fairview!)

It is my very favorite when people see John 'come out of his shell' and see him not for what he portrays himself to be (I call him a prick!)  but the sweetest, most wonderful man in all the planet.  I love it when people discover the jewel that I have!

I hope John doesn't kill me for posting these pictures!

Homemade Valentines

I totally 'cheesed' it this year, but it was so much fun!  The girls and I (mostly me) made these darling matchbook valentines for their classes this year.  It definitely didn't save me money, but I loved the idea.  I will totally make Valentines in the future!  Inside of the matchbook, we gave each child a lick-m-aid (or whatever they are called!)  I had lots of compliments on them and moms saying they were going to save them for ideas for another year.  How nice is that?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Christmas Meadows, again

It's been awhile since we've been able to go up to the cabin.  We left right after Logan got out of school on Thursday (no school Friday for a teacher work day).  I welcome any school days off the district gives us.  I love the time we are able to spend together as a family!  We spent 2 nights there and returned Saturday afternoon.  It was a nice relaxing trip (except for the part where Madden put a Sequence chip in the Wii, and awesome John fixed it!  What a relief.)  I am so glad to be able to come up to this beautiful place as often as I'd like.  We are really blessed!

What a good place to spend our anniversary too, huh!